[Last Day Promotion, 50% OFF] DIY PomPom Maker Mat Knitting Set

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Do you love PomPom mats but don't know how to make one of your own?

DIY PomPom Maker Mat Knitting Set is here to help!

Making a pompom mat has never been this EASY - even kids can do it!

Just a few simple steps and VOILA! Easily DIY your own colorful pompom mat!

  • Wind the yard to form a fluffball.
  • Precisely Roll and cut. 
  • Tie to the Nylon Grid Mat to finish a fluffy PomPom mat.

Enjoy the texture-tastic feel of a pompom mat!

Not only it is ENJOYABLE to create, but it also works as a PRODUCTIVE bonding time for everyone - children and adults alike!

It also comes with 12 balls of yarn with varying colors and 4 sizes of Fluffball Maker.

Choose the color and size according to your liking! Mix and match wool ball color to unleash creativity!

You can also create tons of stuff just by using fluffballs. Make your own stuff dolls, cushions, pillows, beanies and more!

Create a squishy, soft and fluffy pompom mat with the DIY PomPom Maker Mat Knitting Set TODAY!


Material: ABS Resin, POM Resin PVC (Fluffball Maker)Polyester (Yarn)

Weight: 710g

Fluffball Maker Sizes: 38mm / 48mm / 68mm / 88mm