Infant Children's Electric Induction Water Spray Toy (last day promotion-50% OFF)


No Base: Placed on the water, automatic water spray, accompanied by beautiful lights flashing
With Base: Water spray universal base 2 in 1 base with universal wheel function, accompanying music and lighting.

    【Safe and environmentally friendlyHigh-quality ABS, durable, no discoloration, and the use of sealing ring, no leakage, care for children's healthy growth.

    【Perfect design】This toy can sing in the water at the same time, automatically spray water, flashing lights, discoloration. Moreover, a universal wheel can be used, which can be bent freely on the ground.

    【Easy to use】Place the battery on the ball and place it on the water, it will automatically spray water and flash. Install the base and use the universal wheel to turn on the ground at any time.
    【Best gift】With music and lighting, you can bring unlimited happiness to your child, for example, when takinga shower.


    Packing Size (approx.):
    • NO BASE:14.5*14.5*13cm/5.71*5.71*5.12in; WITH BASE: 13.5*13.5*12cm/5.31*5.31*4.72in
    • NO BASE: 6.49oz; WITH BASE:10.65oz


    • 1 x Spraying the ball.
    • 1 x  Box.