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The Best Solution For Convenient and Pollution Free Grocery Shopping & Storage!

Years in development and extensively tested by our customers; users agree that it provides you convenient shopping giving you a lot of compliments. Your perfect reusable and washable produce bag for shopping, storage and practical for daily life.

Here's Why It's Rated The #1 Produce Bag For 2019

These reusable and washable produce bags are eco-friendly, come with drawstrings and are durable compared to other conventional groceries bags. Our Produce bags are suitable to hold any grocery tightly sealed keeping them fresh and easy to open.

Reusable Produce Bag Benefits

  • REUSABLE:You can use these bags again and again. Not like any other plastic bags that you have to throw it out in a single use.
  • POLLUTION FREE: Durable material lets you use it time and again even after many wash preventing the environment from pollution.
  • EASY TO USE: Lightweight material and presence of drawstring gives an easy access when required without tearing or damage.
  • SEE THROUGH: Our bags are nearly transparent giving you full view of what is inside making it convenient while taking out your groceries.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Being light weight and foldable, you can simply fold it and carry it in your purse or even your pocket.
  • MADE FOR YOU: The end user. We thought about everything a person would need in a grocery storage bag, and just delivered on everything.

Reusable Produce Bag Features

  • ECO FRIENDLY:Being made in such a way that it lasts almost forever! Preventing you from using those one-time use plastic bags increasing the environmental waste. With 10 pieces, you can reuse them as many times you want.
  • ADJUSTABLE:Drawstrings allow the bags to be tightly closed and easily opened when needed.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Unlike any other conventional plastic bags, these are washable and durable that will keep your food safe and fresh. It can be reused after simple wash/rinse.
  • FOLDABLE:The reusable produce bags can be easily folded and stored in any of your grocery bag or even your own pocket. It doesn't add any extra weight to your grocery, increasing your convenience.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES:This comfortable produce bag comes in different sizes and colors so that you can locate and store your groceries easily.

Stay Trendy While Shopping With The See-Through Mesh Eco-Friendly Produce Bags!

Package Includes

Kit 1: 1 Large Bag x 2 Medium Bags x 7 Small Bags

Kit 2: 5 Large Bags x 5 Medium Bags x 5 Small Bags