Bling Rhinestone iPhone Case With Grade A aluminum Frame



The eye-catching fancy Czech Rhinestone case for the phone, each and every Czech Rhinestone & decor is handpicked by us with the ISO highest standard, all materials are strongly adhered to the case using a aeronautical glue, and will not fall off(30,000 professional friction test in the laboratory). great for parties, nightclubs, or a perfect gift for girls.

The case of each Czech Rhinestone experienced 68 minutes of precise slot and 138 minutes of manual inlaying, and firmly embedded each Rhinestone selected, and then manually polished for 88 minutes, resplendence from then on.

Each case has 183 Czech Rhinestone embedded in the metal frame. The smallest Czech Rhinestone is 2MM in diameter and the largest is 5MM in diameter. The Rhinestone has experienced the unique dazzling and colorful cutting technology of the Czech republic

  • Air Cushion Technology protect your iPhone from impact and scratch, the air-cushion corners could absorb the shock when your phone falls.
  • Ultra slim thin 
  • If you like glitter and you need protection, this case is for you! 

      • Weight: 105g.
      • Material: Czech Rhinestone,Crystal and Grade A aluminum Frame
      • Color: Rose gold/Bright silver/Noble black/Mirror Silver/Flame Red/Gold.
      HOW TO USE:

                      WHY ?

                      Stylish and Elegant design give your iPhone a new look, stands as a symbol of luxury, nobility, elegance and durability.We back every case with our Ultimate Promise of amazing customer support.