4D Floating 5 Head Electric Shaver 10 PCS [Free Shipping]

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Electric Shaver

We know how important it is to look presentable with a good shave, so we came together and designed our 5 Head Shaver - An electric shaving machine that changes the game forever. Equipped with dual 4D 360 degrees rotating blades that cut precisely and smoothly on your skin without any cuts or burnsleaving you with a perfect all-around shave. The interchangeable heads make this product function in many different ways. Not only can you get a good shave, but you can also give your face a deep clean and remove any dead skin cells. Waterproof design that doesn't wear down the blades after use and leaves zero water stains. No more blowing on the blades after shaving. 

90 Seconds and Done.

Never Have To Rush Your Mornings Ever Again!

  • Skip the rusty razor blade.
  • Skip the expensive disposable razors.
  • Skip the shaving cream.
  • Skip the razor burn.
  • Skip the mess after.
  • Skip straight to the shaving!

Get a clean smooth shave that will leave you feeling like a new man in half the time.

Easy To Use - Makes it super guy-friendly all across the board. 360 blade rotating action that does all the work and takes out all the guesswork.

USB Rechargeable - No batteries or complicated setups necessary. Charges to the full battery within an hour and can last for days without needing another charge.

About the product
  • Versatile Functions – This trimmer is multifunctional with five detachable heads, giving you all you need for your hair trimming and facial care.
  • Ergonomic Design – The ergonomically designed five-head shaver gives you total control. Plus, the handle is comfortable to hold.
  • Washable – The shaver head is washable, allowing you the ultimate convenience and speed you deserve.
  • Cordless & Rechargeable – With 1 hour of charge time, you can use the trimmer for days, cordless!
  • Simple One-Button Operation – Despite the versatility the trimmer is extra simple to operate with just one button. Achieve your desired style, effortlessly.

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